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Khách hàngEmpire Group

Vị tríDa Nang City, Vietnam

Designed and operated as "a party hotel", Condotel 7, or Coco Músical Resort is assumed to be an extremely appealing destination for young people.

Beside lighting and music, to convey the message more clearly and to create a distinctive iconic product for Cocobay in particular and Da Nang in General. Condotel's architecture and facade will be treated as:

1- Design Language: In the language of modern architecture as well as to synchronize with other current design language of condotel. A pure white product to recall the purity of the Mediterranean architecture (Ex: santorini)

2-Color Scheme: Pop-Art's destination to appeal to the young, vibrant young colors will be blended to create focal points for architecture on a white background. A Party Hotel with Pop-Art design and Pop-Art Life Style will be unique to Coco Músical, that make it different from other designs of the world.

3- Facade Design: Músical is the analogy of rhythm in music and rhythm in architectural design (a modern architectural language shaped by the architecture of Le Corbusier, the father of modern architecture). Therefore, the Facade design language will be treated to bring the rhythm.

4-Shape and highlights: Pop-up colored boxes on high locations will be the highlight to attract eye-catching views from people in Cocobay, and these locations will be special spots to create more zones for entertainment area. These things will add more value and attractiveness to the building.


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