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Vị tríDa Nang, Vietnam

Part of Cocobay entertainment and hospitality hub, Coco Ocean Resort consists of two Condotel Resort towers which are designed luxuriously overlooking the most beautiful beach in the world and two freshly green golf courses.

Designed by AZ Architects, each Condotel in Coco Ocean Resort is meant to capture the immense and spacious ocean entirely by a glance. Every Condotel bears the most favorable and smartest design style with airy balconies to enjoy maximum sun light and sea breeze.

With the creative mixture of Eastern classic beauty with modern and luxury tastes, each Condotel in Coco Ocean Resort gives owners and guests the most enjoyable space.

Design highlights of Coco Ocean Resort are styles of open architecture, harmonizing with nature, welcoming natural light into the room and large balcony with ocean and Co Co river view.


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Ho Chi Minh  |  Floor 5 - Dreamplex 195 Building, 195 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 15, Binh Thanh District

08 6258 4999 / 08 2253 9571

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