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Khách hàngEmpire Group

Vị tríDa Nang, Vietnam

Coco Ocean-Spa Resort is a 4-star luxury and high-end condotel in Cocobay complex, with a top-class location offering spacious views towards Da Nang beach.

AZ Architects chose a unique architecture for Coco Ocean-Spa Resort, in order to unleash the powerful and persistent images of sea waves. This will provide a relaxed and energetic stay space to owners and tourists.

Furthermore, the style of interior architecture is inspired by green color of fresh jade with generous breath of the sea, making Coco Ocean-Spa Resort seemed to shrink the whole spacious ocean in each apartment. Each ondotel apartment of Coco Ocean-Spa Resort is designed to optimize utilities with standard architecture and perfection in interior layout.


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Ho Chi Minh  |  Floor 5 - Dreamplex 195 Building, 195 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 15, Binh Thanh District

08 6258 4999 / 08 2253 9571

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